We help people explore what matters.

When you Explore What Matters®, you explore your values. Without values there is no meaning, without meaning there is no purpose, and without purpose there is no connection. Fulfilment comes from a sense of sustained connection

Organisations are constantly trying to engage their workforce through incentives, bonuses and promises.

Many organisations are striving for B corp status and more and more are increasingly aware that their own futures depend upon a healthy balance of purpose and profit. People need more than money to remain loyal and do a good job; they need to feel connected. We help organisations create learning experiences and initiatives that allows them to genuinely connect with their people - at a values level. This is a challenging concept that requires courage by the organisation and its leaders. 

We help people commit to habits that focus them on taking personal responsibility to have a positive influence on their own development, the teams they work in and the societies they live in. We provide people with opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their beliefs and their integrity. 


We specialise in experiential learning.

Our work is inspired by nature.

These rich environments give people the space and time to slow down, escape typical work pressures and achieve true clarity of thought. Time in nature provokes reflection. Reflection develops perspective, creativity and connection with self. All of these opens pathways for learning new habits that can make a positive difference in their own and others' lives. 

We pride ourselves on being informal, relaxed and personally humble in our approach with a focus on pragmatisim.

We work in partnership with clients to co-design and run initiatives that achieve the most valuable outcomes for all stakeholders involved.


Our community and experience span the globe.

The Explore What Matters team reside in the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

This global reach enables our consistent delivery to a variety of clients, including organisations such as:


Our work is internationally recognised.


We supported the Cranfield School of Management to design and provide a global solution for developing senior leaders at BG Group. Our work won the prestigious 2016 EFMD Gold award for Executive Development.


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