'What matters to you?'

What is it like to spend time really thinking about your answers to this question?

What is it like to spend time exploring this question whilst being filmed in conversation?

What might you do differently having had the chance to consider it? 

What might you do if you were more aware of your values, your beliefs and your integrity? How would it influence your leadership, your relationships, your decisions, your legacy and your well being?  What clearer sense of purpose might it give you?

'Explore What Matters on Film' is one of our core projects where we engage in 1:1 dialogue with clients having posed the question; 'What Matters to you?' Quite which direction the conversation will go will be unique to you. The experience of having this conversation whilst captured on film, can serve as a profound method of developing clarity, personal insight and greater self awareness - and for some, it's comforting reassurance. The film can be used for either pure private self-reflection, for sharing with a team or organisation you lead, or even with your family. We conduct the films in a variety of locations and aim to re-visit clients for follow up films to help continue their journey of discovery. 

This exercise is the ultimate 'mirror' for you to see who you really are. With so many people struggling with the idea of purpose, direction and how to thrive; experiencing a little vulnerability on film is a path to personal wisdom. The process can be challenging, revealing and at times enlightening.

If you have curiosity and courage and a desire to learn more about yourself, get in touch and we can arrange a bespoke 1:1 conversation on film with you. You might just surprise yourself...

(The films below are from some clients who have taken the seat - all have agreed to their films being made public.)

Honor Wilson-Fletcher MBE, explores what matters six months into her role as CEO of the charity British Exploring.

Simon Woodroffe OBE, founder of the Yo! brand of companies, reflects on life and what matters.