A sailing adventure to learn, share and connect!

Update: 15th October 2019 - 2 places remaining…

What to expect?

This retreat aims to help you kick off your 2020 with a dose of sun drenched energy, ideas and connection!

It’s for a select few great people working in a range of people and societal development sectors; you might be an entrepreneur, a coach, consultant, yoga teacher or from a business. We will learn from each other, practice/share new and existing content, and generate some inspirational ideas for your year ahead.

8 of us in total will spend a week on a spacious and modern 45ft catamaran.

A typical day will start with an optional sunrise meditation and yoga followed by a leisurely breakfast. We will aim to have 2 peer led sessions per day - plus informal 1:1 chats and time to think and write as we cruise around Antigua.

If we are fortunate we will see turtles, dolphins and perhaps the occasional whale.

Never sailed? No problem! You will learn the skills to be part of the team to sail the yacht.

It will be an informal and fun week where living, cooking and sailing are shared between all on board. All food is sought and prepared communally and purchased from a shared fund.

Please note - This is not a ‘cruise’ where you will be waited on and pampered! Its a shared experience to enjoy a unique opportunity to learn, relax and visit some truly amazing places.

Accommodation is on board the yacht in shared cabins (or on deck if you feel like it). We will join and provision the yacht in English Harbour Antigua, before setting sail for 6 nights under the stars at various beaches around the islands.

Costs, Payment and Booking Information

A berth costs £1500/$2000. This includes being on the yacht, berthing, mooring and fuel.

It does not include your: flights, transfers, food/drink and travel insurance.

* A £500/$750 USD deposit to secure a berth.

* Once all 7 berths are taken I’ll give the go ahead to book flights.

* Balance payment of £1000/$1250 USD payable at the end of October.

(There is no Uk VAT to pay on the costs)
* I will provide receipts for business expense purposes if requested.

  • Contact me for payment and account details.

  • I’m running this on a not for profit basis.

Food costs

Food in the supermarkets in Antigua is around 30% more expensive than in the UK. The USD is the one of the two currencies used - the other being the XCD (East Caribbean Dollar). At the time of writing, the USD is not doing so well against the GBP. To be on the safe/generous side, I would budget around £200 GBP p/p for food on board the yacht for the week.


If I cancel before you book your flights you get your deposit back.

If you cancel at any time you will get your deposit/full payment back if we can find a replacement.


The destination?

The islands of Antigua & Barbuda are famous for their beaches - 365 of them to be exact! ‘One for every day of the year’ as they say. The two islands are 25 miles apart, with Barbuda being much smaller and quieter.


January is typically warm and sunny with an occasional tropical rain shower and temperatures in the range of 20-29c (70-85F). Trade winds blow around the 15-20mph mark. The open sea state can vary depending on far away Atlantic conditions but is usually 1-2m (3-6ft) in height and flat calm in secluded bays.


Locally sourced fresh food will be bought where possible. Most meals will be eaten on board with the occasional dinner in a shore side restaurant. We aim for food costs on board to be split equally - but can adapt this if needed. In restaurants we will operate a ‘pay for what you eat/drink’ policy.

Getting Ashore?

Most nights will be spent at anchor or tied to a mooring buoy. We have a small dinghy for getting the short distances to shore - or you can always swim! There are also a number of marinas to berth in if needed.

Where will we go exactly?

The exact route and itinerary will be subject to weather conditions.

The yacht?

Is a modern 45ft catamaran. Much more spacious than a monohull yacht and ideal for this adventure. See details of it here.

Living on a yacht for a week?

Is fun, different & adventurous . It requires high levels of self and social awareness to get along with people in a smaller space.


Cabins on board are doubles that sleep 2 people. You have your own mattress and sheets and are essentially sharing a double sleeping platform.

Toilets and showers?

Yes there are both. Toilets are pump action and fresh water showers are available on board. However fresh water is a precious commodity on the boat so short, quick showers are appreciated.

Sea sickness?

Yes it can happen to anyone - although people who initially suffer are often ok after a day or two.


Your personal travel insurance must cover: ‘Yacht cruising within 20 miles of land in the Caribbean’. Many normal holiday polices will not cover this.

Example US/UK provider: Worldnomads
Other UK only providers: Click4quote and Topsail


To be booked individually to give you a choice of carrier and class of travel. Virgin and BA fly direct from London Gatwick to Antigua. Costs are typically in the region of £650-£750 (January is peak season.)

There are a number of options to travel direct from New York and other US cities to Antigua.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hope to see you on board! :-)

A few pictures of the yacht and past sailing trips to Antigua…