How courageous are you?

'Leadership for Good'™ helps people to develop the courageous integrity required to step out of the crowd and lead in the moment.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

In recent history alone, the various scandals at Volkswagen, the NHS, in banking and with Weinstein, that a lack of ethical and values-based leadership is common in many individuals, teams and organisations. The consequences of such behaviour can be severe for the people and organisations involved. These ineffective cultures are revealed to permeate society on an uncomfortably far too frequent basis.  'Leadership for Good'™ equips participants with the confidence and capability to step out of the crowd and lead in the moment, influencing action for the greater good where and when it is needed — regardless of experience, position or title.  

The world needs people to be leaders for good.
Leadership for Good Alumnus Emily Seeward sharing some reflections on her experiences from taking part in the programme.


For many years, we have delivered Leadership for Good™ themed programmes for a range of clients, including one in partnership with the UK charity British Exploring (with generous financial support from the London Law Trust.)

We are now accepting new partners to join the consortium of organisations and individuals who are committed to addressing this clear organisational and societal need.

Without a doubt, Leadership for Good had a very positive impact on my life. I am now far more self-aware ... something that has allowed me an equal measure of acceptance and ambition.
— Past Participant

The Leadership for Good™ initiative offers participants the chance to develop essential life and leadership skills, and for organisations to create cultures that promote honesty, openness and innovation.

Delivered by a global team of exceptional educators on week-long wilderness journeys for young leaders, to retreats for senior executives, the foundations of the programme explore the personal drivers, beliefs and values that inform our actions.


This is your opportunity to inspire action . . .

. . . create real culture change and reap the long term benefits for your organisation and wider society.

Join us and contribute to a more sustainable world.