A Seamless Life

Some people like the idea of the physical and emotional separation of time at work and time at home. People often say that they are a 'different person' at home compared to when they are at work, and that they just go to work to earn enough money to support their families and lifestyle. Some count down the days to retirement and can't wait until the day comes that they no longer have to go to work.

The reality being however, that you cannot be a different person at home and at work, you can only act differently. But why spend a lifetime acting? Think of all that time and effort pretending to be someone or something else! All that wasted energy managing levels of unhappiness at work, to support some perceived notion of satisfaction at home and pondering that 'work/life' balance thing. That phrase somehow implies that work is not part of your life. If you 'work' 9-5, commute an hour each way, and sleep 8 hours a night, that means over a typical week, you are only awake and living your life for about 35% of the time! Is that a figure you really want to be proud of when you reach 80 years of age and look back on your life?

There is another approach - find something to do that doesn't feel like work, but is rather you just being mostly content, doing something you love, with people you admire and trust, in an environment that allows you to be at your best. That doesn't necessarily mean having to leave where you work right now, jumping ship, doing something drastically different, 'escaping' or working for free. It requires the luxury of time and the ability to reflect, re-focus, assess what you are doing and to look at how you can attach different labels to what you do. Through a different lens and with a change of mindset, it doesn't have to feel like 'work'. 

'A Seamless Life' is one of the foundations of the Explore What Matters mission to help people be more fulfilled in their lives. It is the quest to live each day where you don't feel like you have a 'job', but rather you just spend time doing the things that you love doing - every day. You can aim for 'A Seamless Life' 100% of the time, but the reality is that we have all ups and downs, good days and bad days and situations that challenge us. If you aim for 100%, you might get 70%. Certainly better than only living your 'life' for 35% of the time! 

This concept isn't for everyone - but if you want to thrive, be fulfilled, mostly content, and live a life that you are proud of aligned to what matters to you, you have to ask yourself some challenging questions and answer them honestly: Who are you? Whats truly important to you? What are your values? How do you want to be remembered? Where are you going? Why are you going there? 

We have successfully coached individuals to live 'A Seamless Life' in some of the most unlikely professions - such as Police Officers and Doctors. The programmes we have run for large companies under the banners of 'Personal Mastery' and 'Well-Being' have helped participants re-frame their lives, achieve clarity of what really matters to them, develop insight and perspective and make adjustments in the work place to approach life through the lens of 'A Seamless Life.'

If you would like to discuss how we can help you or your employees live a 'seamless life' - get in touch. LetsGo@ExploreWhatMatters.com

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