Out now! "NHS Please Don't Kill Me" book.

Out now! The first Explore What Matters inspired book, NHS Please Don't Kill Me! Your Survival Guide to NHS Care.

The book will give you a background of why things go wrong in the NHS and provides you with the skills and knowledge of how you can influence the level of care you receive by being better at communicating with NHS staff.

We hope that through a change in patient behaviour, we can collectively change the NHS to be the best it can be.

The book supports our wider NHS Survival Skills initiative which aims to give patients the ability to learn and share the skills that have helped them get the best possible care.

Insider information on how to get the very best from the NHS for you and your family, don’t use the NHS without this book in you pocket!
— Simon Woodroffe, Founder of Yo! Sushi and original BBC2 dragon
Scotty JohnsonComment